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My name is Augustus. I have parents. Sometimes life can be difficult. I possess the great skill of being able to charm the socks off of anyone who chances to spot me, a rare occurrence indeed. [The spotting, that is; not the charming!]
However, for you, Dear Reader, I am prepared to divulge my deepest thoughts and perspective of the world, mostly because if I don't tell somebody what is going on around here, I am going to pop!
But be warned, proceed with caution: Living with Mummy and Dad can be rather harrowing at times...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor Li' Me!

I am so misunderstood. Mummy yelled at me for “chasing” Tippy and upsetting a vase of flowers along the way. I tried to explain that Tippy was already running and as I wanted to tell Tippy something, naturally I followed. Fast. She sped, then I sped up, then the table stepped out in front of us - Tippy ran up onto it, I sort of ran into it, the whole thing shook and the vase fell over. That’s the whole story.
But Mummy doesn’t believe me – she thinks I was chasing Tippy just to scare her because I am bigger than she is and she sometimes is mean to me, so now I am in trouble. What is a guy to do?

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