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However, for you, Dear Reader, I am prepared to divulge my deepest thoughts and perspective of the world, mostly because if I don't tell somebody what is going on around here, I am going to pop!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Litter Pan

Change is not something I take lightly. 
I have grown quite accustomed to things in their proper places around here, left untouched until the end of time. Take litter boxes, for example – ours have always been just fine as they sit. They may be different colors, heights and overall dimensions but they serve their purpose, and when something ain’t broke….

Yet Mummy [whom one could easily label Obsessive] suddenly determined that they need to match – color, height and overall dimension. Uniformity – that is the code word of the day for her! Only she didn’t consult with us kitties before taking action on her plan, and as a result, we went into panic mode this afternoon.

We might have been suspicious when Mummy returned from the store with all new pans, only we were under the mistaken impression that these were just a fun place to sit, a nifty assortment of new toy boxes into which we all gathered with our mice and tussled together, carefree, as it were. What fun it was to jump from one shiny new bin to another! How much fun had we, tossing our bouncy balls across the chasms!

 Before long, we noticed Mummy fussing about with our litter boxes – nothing strange about that, except she had already cleaned them this morning. Now what was she up to, we asked ourselves? Did someone, er, mess them up again? Probably Poppet! No, he denies it. Curious, we edged closer to the activity and saw Mummy stacking the boxes up. Very odd, indeed! What, we asked, were we to do if we needed to go? Of course, we tried to be understanding, reasoning amongst ourselves that perhaps Mummy was going to just clean up the floor a bit then put the litter pans back in their rightful places. It sounded reasonable enough but Nutmeg had to chime in with the observation that Mummy was now taking the old bins outside. 
We can’t go potty OUTSIDE! We are civilized cats!
Well, I am anyway.

We gazed in the direction of the now empty mat, noting with sadness that a tiny sprinkling of litter from someone’s last potty foray was all that remained of our beloved latrines and would be insufficient to, er, cover the situation, if I make my meaning clear. Suddenly I felt the urge to go really bad. After scouting for options, I spied the new pans and stepped into one out of desperation, at that moment making a faint connection between the two disparate points. 
But, alas, no litter! Whatever would we do?

Mummy returned to the scene of her crime, finished cleaning, dumped me from the sleek new pan in which I stood then gathered the new white pans and carried them to The Place Where The Old Bins Once Stood. (May they rest in peace.)
 Arranging all three in a neat little row, she poured fresh litter into each one then topped it off with a dousing of that wonderful Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh stuff which keeps our boxes smelling so nice.
 Now that was a little more like it!

Excited at the prospect of all that new litter, I jumped in and proceeded to scritch and scratch and toss and scatter to my little heart’s content. Others joined in the fray, and we had a grand ol’ time, clean forgetting about the old…
er, what was I talking about?  

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