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My name is Augustus. I have parents. Sometimes life can be difficult. I possess the great skill of being able to charm the socks off of anyone who chances to spot me, a rare occurrence indeed. [The spotting, that is; not the charming!]
However, for you, Dear Reader, I am prepared to divulge my deepest thoughts and perspective of the world, mostly because if I don't tell somebody what is going on around here, I am going to pop!
But be warned, proceed with caution: Living with Mummy and Dad can be rather harrowing at times...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lend Me A Hand!

I am a cat.
I like noggin rubbings!
I am all for anyone at any time ceasing their current activities in favor of scratching my ears. At no time do I discriminate regarding whose hand it is that massages my forehead or what task they purport to be at, whether chores, work or leisure.
Take last night, for an instance –
I conveniently stole, er, borrowed Nobbie’s spot on the bed next to Mummy in hopes that said Mummy would be congenial and take the hint. So far from being forthcoming with the good ol’ Noggin Rubbing, she instead appeared to be trying to sleep! How very un-thoughtful.
However, just as I was growing discouraged after tickling Mummy with my whiskers elicited no response, Dad’s hand flopped across Mummy’s tummy conveniently in line with my head.
Well, I am never one to let opportunity pass me by!
I deftly slid my head up under Dad’s hand and proceeded to chirrup softly by way of saying thanks for thinking of me. He very kindly responded with a couple of scratches, then nothing.
All was quiet.
I stuck my head under his hand once more to remind Dad he was slacking in his duty. He graciously picked up where he left off then stopped again. I looked quickly around to see what the devil was going on but his hand had disappeared! Turning this way and that, I diligently searched the bed but to no avail – that hand was gone!
So I began to dig. I scrabbled and clawed and plucked my way beneath the covers (something anyone who knows me asserts I never do). That hand had to be somewhere, and I was determined to find it. Poking my nose along in the fluffy darkness, I found The Hand, lounging there as if it hadn’t a care in the world.
This nonsense could not be tolerated – I wanted a noggin rubbing, and I wanted it now! Er, then!
I stuck my noggin back up under his hand and demanded (much more noisily this time) a full and complete ear scratching, replete with a nice massage between the eyes. For some odd reason, Dad and Mummy (who was allegedly asleep all this while, blast her) began laughing at me. Never mind that! Dad had responsibilities, and I aimed to help him see them through.
He did his duty, and I finally fell asleep knowing order was kept in the house once again.
But tomorrow is another day, and without doubt I will likely have to demand a noggin rubbing before it is over.
Still, there it is.

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  1. you're too funny! At least your dad did his job finally.