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My name is Augustus. I have parents. Sometimes life can be difficult. I possess the great skill of being able to charm the socks off of anyone who chances to spot me, a rare occurrence indeed. [The spotting, that is; not the charming!]
However, for you, Dear Reader, I am prepared to divulge my deepest thoughts and perspective of the world, mostly because if I don't tell somebody what is going on around here, I am going to pop!
But be warned, proceed with caution: Living with Mummy and Dad can be rather harrowing at times...

Monday, April 23, 2012

I T’awt I Taw a…Dog???

I am a civilized cat.
I live in a house.
Since I never, ever venture across the threshold into the Room-Where-Dad-Can’t-Get-The-Air-Conditioning-Adjusted-Properly (commonly referred to by my parents as The Great Outdoors), I see very few strangers. [Unless you count relatives, which are strange indeed. But that is another matter.]

I mention this to drive home a point. 
That point is I was in my own chair by my own window minding my own business this morning when a whacking great creature stepped right up and shoved his nose against the glass. This Creature had big eyes, big ears and very big teeth. I thought to myself, “Self, what big eyes he has! Self, what big ears he has! Self, what big teeth he has!” 
And I have never seen such a snoot!
This creature gave what amounted to a goofy grin, its tongue lolling out the side of its mouth like Dad’s socks dangling over the hamper’s edge.
I was horror stricken and turned immediately for Mummy.

Bless her, Mummy is the bestest – she spied the infernal Creature, referring to it as a Dog (whatever that is), without hesitation opening the door and, with flailing arms and much shouting, scared the bajeezies out of him…er, It. The Beast ran off!
I pondered for a moment the meaning of it all. 
As I was hard pressed to figure it out, I resumed my slumped stance in the chair and promptly fell asleep.

Mummy saved the day.
I am very relieved - another victory for Catkind.

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